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Video monitoring system will usher in the explosive growth

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In recent years, the implementation of supervision in China will gradually strengthen passenger work. At the same time, do a good job in the prevention of future monitoring work, strengthen the road passenger transport especially long-distance sleeper passenger car safety supervision, the Ministry of communications, the Ministry of public security, the Ministry of industry and information technology and the State Administration of work safety, the four departments jointly issued the "Circular on strengthening the road transport vehicle dynamic supervision" (hereinafter referred to as the "notice"). In fact, in the "notice" issued before, the Ministry of communications has proposed passenger vehicles shall be installed video surveillance system requirements, but the majority of enterprises in order to save money, the specific implementation greatly. The traffic department of the rigid rules of mandatory installation, the enterprise has no room for manoeuvre, video monitoring systems will have explosive growth.
Industry analysts think, has been neglected in the field of video monitoring system in china. Along with the development of people's security concept, security monitoring market gradually warming. Supervision departments should complete monitoring of vehicles must be installed at the same time two GPS positioning system and video monitoring system. The monitoring center through GPS positioning system to monitor vehicle speed, route, time travel situation, once the abnormal condition, the monitoring center can be timely information and to remind, the disadvantage is not understanding the vehicle interior. After the installation of video monitoring system, can make up for this deficiency, better protection from inside and outside the vehicle safety. Overload is the main cause of traffic accident, after the installation of video monitoring system, can be eliminated. This phenomenon fundamentally.
At present, the bus GPS positioning system limited installation time have a specific requirement, video monitoring system has not yet issued specific implementation plan or specific technical standards, in a policy vacuum period, many passenger transport company is still in wait-and-see. The main reason is the car video monitoring system installation cost is higher, if not up to standard after the introduction of national requirements, to replace the loss caused by too large. The government has made clear to improve the traffic safety determination, from four departments jointly issued the notice of view, the future vehicle mounted video monitoring system will become the development trend of normalization. The application of technical standards and clearly defined the installation time, video monitoring system will usher in the explosive growth.
"2010-2013 China security video monitoring equipment market investment value analysis report" shows, mandatory installation of video monitoring system for passenger vehicles is only a beginning, the future will be gradually extended its scope of application to the bus, taxi, car and other fields, private cars will be gradually incorporated into installation scope. Expected, video monitoring system can reach hundreds of billions of market size.